A small gathering of people (most unknown to me) gathered to finalise informally the end of Artfest. Not sure who these people are buy they were all very relaxed:


Got very involved in Artfest this weekend. Painting, music, eating. All happening. No surf.

On Saturday the Escalators played cool jazz and the Commercial Hotel and then again Sunday at Cupitts Winery.

Sketch of Jazz Band

Fun to Sketch with Christopher Mooney,
My nephew finished a Nowra bike race yesterday and came down to Molly to camp the night. We went into Ulladulla Harbour this morning early and did some sketching in the brisk breeze.
Chris’s sketch is on top. Good work Chris.

Sketches of Ulladulla Harbour

I did a solo trip to Cockatoo Island on Saturday. Staying with my son Ben and his wife Phoebe at Neutral Bay the wharf is not too far away. I was on a mission having immersed myself in a new book on drawing. New method, new thinking, love it.

So the plan was to be nonstop drawing … from the time I got on the first ferry till arrival back at Neutral Bay.

pencil drawings

On the way to Cockatoo Island … and then there

Materials were kept simple … one 5B .7mm Avery fat tech pencil on Moleskin with sort of yellowing pages … not sure what they call it.

After completing a little session at the Slipway area (North West) I went up to the top level, sat on an old stone wall and proceed to strip off layer after layer of clothing as the weather was clear and warm … and sketched some more:

Pencil drawing

Old Stone building top level then the trip home

You’ll notice some heavier lines … this is all part of the method, the envelope.

More on that tomorrow


Sketch of teacher

I had to do a WHS course today and it was very interesting. In the first few minutes I sketched the teacher. It looks a little like him!

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