Roadside fruit shack by Tim Mooney

sketch of small shack
Fruit stall roadside shack

 On the way to do photos of a house in Yarramalong Valley I passed this shack on the way and sketched it on the way back. Whilst sitting there sketching an old bloke arrived to check the mail in the owner’s absence. He gave me the full run down on the shack. It started as a fruit stall for their orchard and has piece by piece, grown to this ‘iconic’ structure which is now a classic.

Martin Place by Tim Mooney

Christmas time in Martin Place, Sydney
Martin Place, Sydney by Tim Mooney

Today the Sydney Sketch Club chose Martin Place for a bit of Christmas sketching. A good turn out of like minded people all willing to share ideas and promote the therapy of sketching. On the stage just above the fountain there was a troupe of kids performing their carols and rap dance etc. They were very very good and really set the Christmas scene for a seasonal time … sitting on my milk crate, whistling and sketching. . I even met Liz and Borromini Bear. Its begun to feel a lot like Christmas.

Bayleaf at Byron Bay by Tim Mooney

Coffee shop sketch
Inside Bayleaf by Tim Mooney

Very lucky that work brings me to Byron Bay now and then. Prior to work today it was great to chill out at Bayleaf and devour the best Piccolo double ristretto going around. There’s no use looking for better coffee in Byron Bay. Nic is a genius roaster and his staff are groove masters.

Amazing muffins! Schoolies is on too so old folks like me hide in the corner … and sketch.

The Meeting Pole by Tim Mooney

Pen and wash of a town square
The Meeting Pole © Tim Mooney

Every town, every city has a meeting place where discussion is free and meaningful. A place where some will talk and all will listen. When was the last time you went to Sydney’s Domain on a Sunday afternoon? Its called free speech, no media editing, no broadcast bias, just talk, just listen. Get to your meeting pole for a breath of fresh chat.