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Fun to Sketch with Christopher Mooney,
My nephew finished a Nowra bike race yesterday and came down to Molly to camp the night. We went into Ulladulla Harbour this morning early and did some sketching in the brisk breeze.
Chris’s sketch is on top. Good work Chris.

Sketches of Ulladulla Harbour

Sketch of teacher

I had to do a WHS course today and it was very interesting. In the first few minutes I sketched the teacher. It looks a little like him!

Public park chess playing

A perfect day in Sydney so why not watch the chess in Hyde Park … just behind St James station. A very colourful opponent went down to a strong ‘baltic’ tourist. Good game. Good crowd.

It takes a while sketching in public to get in the zone … once there everything else is miles away. Zen zone.

sketch of my desk top

I like a clean desk top but I prefer a bit of mess. That way I can find things I was going to play with before.

sketch of female reading

With no idea what to sketch today I suddenly realised that someone was sitting still whilst reading. Totally committed to loosening up I thought I could keep the pen flying around and gradually work towards an image (I’d just been reading a Brett Whiteley book). But once again here’s a ‘tight’ result. Although it looks only a little like the subject the result was somewhat pleasing. The subject was pleased too because it was getting too hot holding the pose. Tough for a speed reader.

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