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A small gathering of people (most unknown to me) gathered to finalise informally the end of Artfest. Not sure who these people are buy they were all very relaxed:


Fun to Sketch with Christopher Mooney,
My nephew finished a Nowra bike race yesterday and came down to Molly to camp the night. We went into Ulladulla Harbour this morning early and did some sketching in the brisk breeze.
Chris’s sketch is on top. Good work Chris.

Sketches of Ulladulla Harbour

Blue Chair and people on the beach

Warm day here and first fish of the season arriving today … they like worms. Flathead.

Which has got nothing to do with this Blue chair … That Blue Chair actually. So I went back down to the beach and caught the natives next to That chair … Good surf too with stiff NE breeze. Go the cricket.

pen ink sketch of spiral staircase

Cold day here. Southerly and ugg boots on … mid summer. Weird. So I sat inside and drew thru the glass. Muddy colours and it is a muddy day.

Sorry the previous post had a fault in it … we’ll see how this goes.

1st for 2013 is hopefully the first of 365 continuous postings … fingers crossed.

Summer is almost here although the water temp has stayed low for longer than usual.

Here’s one sketch I did of Mollymook Beach today. This corner of the world continually intrigues me… cold in winter … ideal in Summer.

Mollymook Beach ,NSW,Australia

New Years Day … click to enlarge

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