Bar Coluzzi

Coffee shop sketch
Bar Coluzzi, Darlinghurst

To beat the early morning Sydney traffic I arrived in Sydney very early and found Bar Coluzzi in Darlinghurst … guaranteed to be open at 6am. I had plenty of time to throw down a few coffees and do this little sketch. Its a tight ¬†little shop so I was lucky to get a table and chair right near the action. Great coffee by the way.

Some Byron Bay moments

Guitarist and Bongo player in markets
Market Music

A recent photographic job in Byron Bay inspired the sketch book to come out and play… at home where we were staying and at the markets. Gravitating to the music groove of Tim Stokes I sat in the light rain and sketched the guys punching out the tunes. Of course these guys are not drawn to scale. Maybe I was just ‘closer to the beat’.

Still life
A nice little corner caught my eye.

If you really want to stay in a cool place in Byron try the relaxing Barbara’s Guest House in Burns Rd. Just over the track from ‘The Rails’ it is a short walk to everything.

Nine North

water colour of hospital patients
The characters of Nine North

Having visited my Dad in hospital the other day I had to stop that night and do a sketch. I had to dump some troubled thoughts. Its an interesting process seeing one’s father take a slide from the normal track. Alan is experiencing Chronic Heart Failure in his later years and will require permanent protection from now on. As a son these realisations creep up on you … sometimes pouncing, at other times just appearing. It all became too much for me the other day and I had to leave and breath somewhere else. Late at night I got true relief when I did the above sketch. Not necessarily accurate but reflective enough for me to more than partially ‘clear the slate’.

And there’s always tomorrow to prepare for. Thus the beauty of Art Therapy.

Draw something right now! I dare you