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Got very involved in Artfest this weekend. Painting, music, eating. All happening. No surf.

On Saturday the Escalators played cool jazz and the Commercial Hotel and then again Sunday at Cupitts Winery.

Sketch of Jazz Band

Part of my week away was to stay with friends in the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland. 

sketch of a large bread oven next to the tennis court

Large wood fired bread oven in dedicated shed next to tennis court

Being very busy I didn’t get a great deal of sketching done so the following are a hero selection of those finished and almost finished.

Here’s some more sketches from the week and details of each  Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes you just have to draw it. The view over Pitt St mall looking towards the Harbour Bridge. So out came the fountain pen and away I went. I nearly threw in a blue wash for the sky. But didn’t. I nearly put the cars in. But somehow I just liked the spaces.

Waterman Fountain Pen, J Huberin ink.

Pen and ink sketch down Pitt St

Down onto Pitt St, Sydney looking north

Line drawing of a flim crew set up

Film crew at South Bondi

A 5.30am swim and breakfast at Dr. Bondi then I found this Japanese/Australian film crew filming a Canon camera advert down the south end. A brave set up I thought knowing the prevailing cloud had thwarted my plans for a mid day shoot.

About twenty takes of the same thing (the talent are on the other side of the reflector) gave me enough time (40 mins) to throw this together using my current favourite Pilot Parallel Pen. Current favourite because its long and easy to wield with a splinted finger. The line available is anywhere from 2.4mm down to about 0.25mm. Black ink.

Whatdoyoureckon Mike?

Sketch of a Rodin sculpture bust.

Man with a Broken Nose by Tim Mooney

I’ve been wanting to have a go at this for a while now. Its done with pen, ink and pencil. Rodin would roll in his grave but I’m happy with it.

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