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Funny little set up this:

Sketch of pump house on River

River Pump House © Tim Mooney

The 44 gallon drum is full of diesel and  fuels the pump … to pump irrigation water. When the drum runs low (not out because you shouldn’t run a diesel engine dry) the ‘person’ simply disconnects the drum and rolls it (to the left. Notice the drum would run off at trailer/ute height) off the wooden rails and rolls a full one back into place for reconnection. Smart set up.

This one was done with a smart little orange/sepia fine point from TYPO in the Canberra centre … two for $5.


We all have baggage … but sometimes I wish I would have kept an old Globite or two.

This was done a few weeks back at the Australian National Maritime Museum with the Sydney Sketch Club Meetup.

baggage arrangement

Baggage © Tim Mooney

No colour. Just an interesting challenge in shapes and some familiar detail. Find the two faces!

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