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Sketch of a chair on a country veranda

Veranda by Tim Mooney

Out to dinner last night to savour Amelia Toole’s superb cooking … give up your day job!

I snuck away to the tranquility of the front of the house and was interested in this chair … and all the surrounds.

A box of Cherries from My Gwynne, Vic

Good old fashioned BIG cherries by Tim Mooney

Have you tried the cherries this year?

These are from the markets and were grown at Mt. Gwynne in Cobbam, Victoria.

Absolutely sensational !

Now its starting to feel even more like Christmas.

Tractor in Shade of a tree

Tough Tractor/Mower © Tim Mooney

A bit of a rural Saturday with the last of the photography surge before Christmas. Whilst waiting I couldn’t resist this fella under a tree. Tough little unit this one.

Still life bowl, pepper and salt shakers

There's still life © Tim Mooney

When I started to sketch the above group I didn’t really notice that the bowl (fish tank) had Christmas decorations in it. Not normally a problem but one of them was a pine cone … an opening pine cone (difficult to sketch … need to practice). So I increased the number of baubles to fill the bowl and then they became fruit. I have a driver’s licence also.

Pen and Wash of Sterling Silver Sugar Shaker

Icing Sugar Shaker - Stirling Silver © Tim Mooney

This stirling silver Sugar Shaker is a masterpiece of silversmithing dating back to the 1700s. It travelled the high seas in a camphorwood chest as a prize possession of a canadian sea captain named Simpson. No relation to Bart. Standing about 8″ tall this silver piece is extremely light for its somewhat bulky look. A tricky rendering exercise in deciding on what is actually positive space.

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