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Coffee shop sketch

Bar Coluzzi, Darlinghurst

To beat the early morning Sydney traffic I arrived in Sydney very early and found Bar Coluzzi in Darlinghurst … guaranteed to be open at 6am. I had plenty of time to throw down a few coffees and do this little sketch. Its a tight  little shop so I was lucky to get a table and chair right near the action. Great coffee by the way.

Very slack lately but things will rev up. 

still life pen and wash of tulips in a coffee pot

A sketch of the counter at a coffee shop: Little Gunga

Little Gunga. Coffee.Art.Space. Milton NSW

Always amazed at the size and variety of Coffee Espresso machines this one took my eye. And my pen. In ‘Little Gunga’ in Milton, NSW, this monster machine driven by Blake and Mel delivers one of the best coffees available. Good chatter all round after a ‘Little Gunga’ experience. I recommend the Muesli. And the cookies … 

Best food! Best coffee!

Inside Berry Sourdough Bakery

Berry Sourdough © Tim Mooney

This one was interesting ( done at Berry Sour Dough Cafe in Berry) in that I have exaggerated all the colours. It was fun trying to catch the different postures of the other clients in their various stages of being ‘fed and watered’. Highly recommended food stop. They have the most amazing Italian coffee espresso machine. The colour is a very light turquoise which I couldn’t mix… so its now lime green. Oh well. More reading ahead.

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