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sketch of small shack

Fruit stall roadside shack

 On the way to do photos of a house in Yarramalong Valley I passed this shack on the way and sketched it on the way back. Whilst sitting there sketching an old bloke arrived to check the mail in the owner’s absence. He gave me the full run down on the shack. It started as a fruit stall for their orchard and has piece by piece, grown to this ‘iconic’ structure which is now a classic.

Still life bowl, pepper and salt shakers

There's still life © Tim Mooney

When I started to sketch the above group I didn’t really notice that the bowl (fish tank) had Christmas decorations in it. Not normally a problem but one of them was a pine cone … an opening pine cone (difficult to sketch … need to practice). So I increased the number of baubles to fill the bowl and then they became fruit. I have a driver’s licence also.

Imagine the kitchen of a fanatical european produce preserver. I did.

Busy kitchen with lots of produce. Sketch

Preserver's Paradise © Tim Mooney

A busy kitchen no doubt with lots of work ahead. Nothing like home made preserved produce. A labour of love … and nutrition.

Vase, Orange and Apple painting

Still Life © Tim Mooney

Although I’m happy with this result for a first attempt there was a very steep learning curve. I really need to do some work on learning how to mix colour. Front right is supposed to be an apple! Looks like a peach. You live .. you learn.

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