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Even though I have lost my sense of smell I can still find a great coffee in an unfamiliar town. This time Bermagui.
An early morning swim at the magnificent ocean pool ‘Blue Pool’ saw a conversation with a local about coffee turn into a visit to ‘Mister Jones’ in a not so obvious position. Young Matt the artist started his compact art studio in Bermagui (NSW South Coast) and it has grown to include a fully blown Espresso Bar … serving no doubt one of the best coffees I have had (equal to Bay Leaf in Byron Bay … both second to no other).
Matt is a barista and an artist. Exceptional at both.

sketch of coffee shop

Mister Jones Bermagui © Tim Mooney

The vibe at Bermagui is instant ‘country welcome’ and is magnified at Mister Jones by both Matt himself and his enthusiastic patrons. Every dimension of this place is simple and so easy to melt into.
Whilst the country stopped for yet another horse race in November we went out to the point with Sid and Mary and watched the aerial acrobatics of mother and baby whales … just 100m away. Spectacular.
More Bermagui coming soon.

photo of blue pool Bermagui

Blue Pool, Bermagui © iSue Fleming

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