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It was very much fun to do my first Life Drawing class yesterday. So yesterday’s sketch is today’s.

Charcoal sketch of nude figure

Charcoal Sketch © Tim Mooney

A highly recommended process at the AGNSW.
Great venue, great teacher, good people.
But my feet were buggered standing all day. Two courses five hours ouch!

Here’s a little ditty I did yesterday at 6am.

sketch of sculpture on dresser under light

Bronze on Dresser © Tim Mooney

The bronze sculpture is of a lady lying down done by Samantha Clea Welch of Myocum School of Sculpture. Samantha is a great artist and is currently in the UK visiting her very famous artist dad Rob Welch. The dresser was my mums when she was a kid 70 years ago.

The challenge here for me was doing my first big lot of colour … the yellow as a wash and trying to hold some sort of consistency. Also the nude figure was distracting in that the angle it was laying at was interesting to interpret.

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