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Waiting for the Rugby to start the light on the dresser caught my eye. So here it is.

Pine dresser with objects on it.

Dresser at home © Tim Mooney

The top two pieces are from my great uncle’s estate and came from the early gold rush days in Victoria. I have the full set as well. Interesting the way china ages. The two bottom pieces back right were made near Tolga Qld of Paper Clay and fired in an open fire. I made the one to the right. Kim and Steph made the other one together and they collectively guided me to get my one together. Prize pieces. The white cubes are candles.

painting of a money box

Bernie © Tim Mooney

This is Bernie my accountant. He’s a money box. An antique money box from where else but China. I have had him for a long time and he minds the accounts section of my office … he’s the only one there. He lives on a shelf in my office and keeps an eye on me and things.

Vase, Orange and Apple painting

Still Life © Tim Mooney

Although I’m happy with this result for a first attempt there was a very steep learning curve. I really need to do some work on learning how to mix colour. Front right is supposed to be an apple! Looks like a peach. You live .. you learn.

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