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Winter view to the garden

Warmer inside

Bleak as, cold, wet, uninspiring, grey.
But warn inside and I did enjoy the challenge of achieving depth thru and out this window.

This was done yesterday on the 2nd June … one a day!

woman reading newspapers

Wake,walk,swim,eat,coffee and papers, …

pen and wash of cars in the street

For Zita.

After a funeral then a wake, I was too early for the opening of Simon Fieldhouse’s art show in Liverpool St so I sat down and did a ‘finger in splint’ sketch with that pen. Some clown drove past and yelled at me suggesting I stop sketching. I showed him my splinted finger. The ink is not waterproof so the wash runs have to be calculated …. or not.

Still life sketch of tea set up

Blue black tea by Tim Mooney

So I’m getting to like black tea … Billy Tea actually. There’s something about a black tea … but it has to be the right time of day … with the wind blowing in the right direction. Basically I’m trying to give up milk.

This one came out of my head.

sketch of bowl

Planar Squiggles © Tim Mooney 2011

I was reading an essay on perspective drawing which I very much enjoy. So I started with the top circle (planar reference lines) and finished with all the squiggles. Everything else happened in between. There are some excellent books on learning drawing on the net. All you have to do is get one and start.

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