White Window by Tim Mooney

Pen and wash sketch of Window in brick wall
White window © Tim Mooney

The net is a great source of knowledge and I find the art world is full of kind people wishing to spread info and skills. In this case I did a few tutorials of american artist David Rankin. This exercise is about using three values of one colour (hue) … in this case sepia. It was very relaxing to sit in the sun for half an hour and drift away doing this sketch … again …  the side wall of ‘The Mook’ in Mollymook.

Small Car Garage

Painting of an old garage
Old Garage © Tim Mooney

A little top heavy this old car garage but that’s the way it was built. Probably built in 1950 ish its served its purpose well … as a shed not a garage.
I find the watercolour pigments are good but when tested they do thin out easily. I’ll have to do some study to find out how to most effectively mix black / grey for that neutral wash. I cheated a bit here with the driveway but what the heck.