Bronze on Dresser

Here’s a little ditty I did yesterday at 6am.

sketch of sculpture on dresser under light
Bronze on Dresser © Tim Mooney

The bronze sculpture is of a lady lying down done by Samantha Clea Welch of Myocum School of Sculpture. Samantha is a great artist and is currently in the UK visiting her very famous artist dad Rob Welch. The dresser was my mums when she was a kid 70 years ago.

The challenge here for me was doing my first big lot of colour … the yellow as a wash and trying to hold some sort of consistency. Also the nude figure was distracting in that the angle it was laying at was interesting to interpret.

Green Coffee

pen wash of coffee cup
Green Coffee © Tim Mooney

I get challenge by dark colours. I cant define the true colour in low light. I thought this was a brown coffee cup until I took it to wash it and realised that it was green. Therefore the two tone effect. Nespresso #6 at Betty’s place. Soy milk. Makes me feel like a coffee right now. This is my first watercolour wash with the set Erin recommended. They are easy to work with. Except when you are dark colour blind!