A child’s fascination – by Tim Mooney

Child in art gallery looking at a Picasso painting
Child looking at Picasso by Tim Mooney

When the clouds wont budge and you can’t take photos you go and look at things. We went to Picasso at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This little fella was just standing there like a really mature art critic. Hands on hips the whole deal… just looking. What an amazing ability to transcend the generations is art. Is Picasso. When he turned around and saw me sketching he ran away to mummy … and I just stayed there with the ‘Woman in a red armchair’.

A must see exhibition.

Bandaid and Mermaid by Tim Mooney

You need to read the story to understand this mad one:

My good friend Greg Furmage has two grandchildren with another on the way.

A sketch of a bandaid family
Bandaid, Bandaid and Mermaid © Tim Mooney


When first grandchild Jack was born and discovered initial communication skills he had issues with pronouncing ‘Grandad’. So Jack just called Greg … ‘Bandaid’. When Greg asked Jack “What’s your name?” Jack replied ‘Bandaid’. So then there were two Bandaids.

Confusing to no one of course.

Jack’s baby sister Sophie soon arrived and silently witnessed this backwards and forwards salutations of  ‘Bandaid’ which was no problem at all for Greg and Grandson Jack… and obviously not so confusing for young bright Sophie … because once she could utter she declared herself as ‘Mermaid’.

Mother Emily is now expecting her third child so will someone please come to the ‘aid’ of the naming department!

Any guesses? Is she having another Bandaid or another Mermaid?

Ralph and rusty fridge by Tim Mooney

One of the best photographers I know of is Meredith Oshea (Merri).

I have silently watched her work for years. She is in Melbourne and does major ‘street work’.

Here’s my interpretation of a photo Merri did of Ralph Reese.

Man in cabin with rusty fridge
Ralph and rusty fridge © Tim Mooney

I’m sticking with this duo tone theme for a while thus the rusty red fridge. In Merri’s photo Ralph is holding a mean looking rifle in his left hand. I chose to put it back in the cupboard. I dont like guns. We need another power model in this world.

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