A week in North Queensland

Part of my week away was to stay with friends in the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland. 

sketch of a large bread oven next to the tennis court
Large wood fired bread oven in dedicated shed next to tennis court

Being very busy I didn’t get a great deal of sketching done so the following are a hero selection of those finished and almost finished.

Here’s some more sketches from the week and details of each 

First of all I should explain that all these were done in a large watercolour Moleskin and some were stretched over two pages in panoramic format.

street sketch in black and white
Albion St Surry Hills

This one was done in Albion St Surry Hills 2010 before I left. I had half an hour to kill so I used my new Pilot 1.5 parallel pen with black indian ink.

Sepia sketch of sink
Pen and sepia watercolour wash with sap green

 This was one of my water sources whilst away. Beautiful water to drink.


pen and ink wash of pots
pen and ink wash with fountain pen and water brush

 One day was torrential rain so I drew this off a picture.

bread oven sketch
left side of bread oven etc sketch
pen and sepia watercolour wash
right side of bread oven/tennis court sketch

I had intended to do all the sketches on this trip in pen and sepia watercolour wash. This is the only one where I stuck to the plan. These two were then joined / stitched in photoshop after scanning. It was intentional that the vertical framing landed right on the spine of the book … that’s where it was started. On inspection by a few friends I was urged to finish at this stage so I did. Here’s the final result again

pano sketch of bread oven in pen and wash
The full sketch across the two pages
pen and wash of an  'old Queenslander' house in Atherton
Pen and wash in Atherton QLD