Brown Trout by Tim Mooney

A friend of mine, Andrew Bell,  is a black belt Trout Fisherman … catch and release of course. He took the day off on Friday and got deep into his past time.

Sketch of a Brown Trout
Brown Trout © Tim Mooney

Andy sent me a few photos which inspired me to attempt my first fish sketch. Interesting colours when you study a Trout … not true here but that will take a while to get the colours correct.

Here’s some transcript from Andy’s notes:

“#3 was about the same size as the first 2 and kept me entertained for about 45mins until he finally took the Griffiths Gnat. 

I had walked about 5 ks upstream and back by then but I managed to pick a couple more on the walk back. 

Even though there was still the odd fish rising, I headed off as evening set in and the sea mist rolled up the escarpment.

The day’s Stats: Fish 3 bigger ones(3-4 lbs) 3 good ones(2-3 lbs) 2 broken off ! 3 missed, lots spooked

560 km round trip  6.5 hrs travel  8 hrs fishing !!!

2 Bemboka Pies 5 of Marita’s sausage rolls , 1 cold chop ,fruit ,3 litres of water & 1 pack of Gum.

I got home at 10:30 to a nice hot Pizza fresh from the oven. Now thats what I call a good day out !!!


Well done Andy and thanks for sharing the adventure.