Celebrations! sort of, by Tim Mooney

Well this posting celebrates the initial goal of one sketch a day for a month !

Yeah. Some people think I have nothing to do. Incorrect … I allow myself 40 minutes a day start to finish. Try and find 40 minutes a day for your passion … you’ll do it. I can still fit in everything else. You can too!

Brush and Ink of a pear
Another pear Suzie © Tim Mooney

This little fella (its a male pear … a loanword of Vulgar Latin ‘pira’) was done on watercolour paper with three shades of Indian Ink with an Asian calligraphy brush. Then I ate it.

From here on I don’t have a commitment to do a sketch a day … but I will … its just that they all won’t get posted here. You’ll know when they do.