That Old Jug by Tim Mooney

Two stories here:

ink wash of a water jug
That Jug © Tim Mooney

This jug has been in my family for many years … I remember it on my Grandmother’s (Meem) table at my uncle’s (Bill) engagement. I think I was about 8 yrs old. It intrigued me because I had never seen the colour before in ceramics. Not that at eight years old I had a major grounging in ceramics.

Apparently it was out of the Ballarat area of Victoria and was part of a set of Jug and Basin for the gold diggers. To wash the day off before retiring. My Great Grandfather (no name) was a wheel right in the goldfields so he ‘collected’ it.

The other story is that I saw a similar shape of jug painted in a gallery just a few weeks ago. And I suppose there is a third story because I recently got some French ink (Cafe des iles – that’s the colour) so here’s my first go at an ink wash all of the one colour. The outline and the writing are done in that inexpensive orange fibre pen. The jug in ink.