Welcome to Tim Mooney’s Sketch site

Why a sketch site you might ask?

Why not. They are useless sitting in a book and if you want the world to see your ‘art’ then why not via the web.

Sketching is a place I go to to relax. The focus required washes (no pun intended) away everything. 

Recently I have got more involved in sketch books and particular equipment that gives several desired effects. I spend a lot of time on the net researching things and there is a huge amount of information on all aspects of sketching. As I go forward with this site I will list the links that have helped me.

A special thanks to the Sydney Sketch Club and its members who embrace you with a wealth of knowledge.

Some advice. I asked a friend of mine in the USA what it takes to be a great sketcher ( he was a senior illustrator with Walt Disney) and he only had one piece of advice – “Stay loose”. Here’s a sketch he did of me.

This advise was a turning point for me. Just loosen up and it will come. 

Another thing I tell people is ‘Don’t try’. You see if you ‘try it’ you are not actually doing it. You are ‘trying’ to do it. Nike were right when they coined the phrase ‘Just do it’.

So go on and ‘Just Sketch it’ and Stay Loose