‘Number 10’ by Tim Mooney

I was early for an appointment today so I snuck in this little sketch of Number 10. 

Can anyone guess where it is?

Fibro cottage
Number 10 © Tim Mooney

Classic Beach House Fibro Cottage … whateveryawanna call it … this one is a pearler. Apparently its early history saw it as host to many a late night honky tonk (Piano driven) sing along. In the days of prohibition it was a magnet for those who could escape for a safe night out.

‘The Mook’ by Tim Mooney

‘The Mook’ is one of my favourite classics. Recently reloved it is just sitting there.

Artwork of The Mook, Mollymook
The Mook, Moollymook © Tim Mooney

This classic Australian fibro beach house at Mollymook, called ‘The Mook’, sits quietly behind the sand dunes in anticipation of the next guests. So in anticipation of a possible near future addition I thought it best to capture it in its near original condition.