Some Byron Bay moments

Guitarist and Bongo player in markets
Market Music

A recent photographic job in Byron Bay inspired the sketch book to come out and play… at home where we were staying and at the markets. Gravitating to the music groove of Tim Stokes I sat in the light rain and sketched the guys punching out the tunes. Of course these guys are not drawn to scale. Maybe I was just ‘closer to the beat’.

Still life
A nice little corner caught my eye.

If you really want to stay in a cool place in Byron try the relaxing Barbara’s Guest House in Burns Rd. Just over the track from ‘The Rails’ it is a short walk to everything.

Not an aerial by Tim Mooney

watercolour of Byron Bay main beach
Byron Bay main beach © Tim Mooney

Home now. I got lucky with the aerial photography in Byron Bay this week. Three cracker days for flying plus a bit of time off to sketch around. This sketch was done early in the morning before the crowds (schoolies) arrived. Main beach Byron Bay. Those fantastic big north coast cumulus clouds were parked majestically¬†on the horizon and I quickly realised that I need cloud painting/colouring lessons. I’m sure there will be something on the net as far as tuition goes.

Bayleaf at Byron Bay by Tim Mooney

Coffee shop sketch
Inside Bayleaf by Tim Mooney

Very lucky that work brings me to Byron Bay now and then. Prior to work today it was great to chill out at Bayleaf and devour the best Piccolo double ristretto going around. There’s no use looking for better coffee in Byron Bay. Nic is a genius roaster and his staff are groove masters.

Amazing muffins! Schoolies is on too so old folks like me hide in the corner … and sketch.