Actually Grey by Tim Mooney

This house is not painted. It is bare render!

So I painted it.

architectural style drawing of house
Rendered House © Tim Mooney

The house was recently completed and was designed by Milton Drafting. The house painter (Steve Quinn) was standing out the front one day and he told me he had just finished doing a quote for the painting. When I asked what colour Steve said ‘Not the outside’, ‘Just the inside … the outside stays the way it is’. Plain render.

And it looks great so I sketched it.

Brown Trout by Tim Mooney

A friend of mine, Andrew Bell,  is a black belt Trout Fisherman … catch and release of course. He took the day off on Friday and got deep into his past time.

Sketch of a Brown Trout
Brown Trout © Tim Mooney

Andy sent me a few photos which inspired me to attempt my first fish sketch. Interesting colours when you study a Trout … not true here but that will take a while to get the colours correct.

Here’s some transcript from Andy’s notes:

“#3 was about the same size as the first 2 and kept me entertained for about 45mins until he finally took the Griffiths Gnat. 

I had walked about 5 ks upstream and back by then but I managed to pick a couple more on the walk back. 

Even though there was still the odd fish rising, I headed off as evening set in and the sea mist rolled up the escarpment.

The day’s Stats: Fish 3 bigger ones(3-4 lbs) 3 good ones(2-3 lbs) 2 broken off ! 3 missed, lots spooked

560 km round trip  6.5 hrs travel  8 hrs fishing !!!

2 Bemboka Pies 5 of Marita’s sausage rolls , 1 cold chop ,fruit ,3 litres of water & 1 pack of Gum.

I got home at 10:30 to a nice hot Pizza fresh from the oven. Now thats what I call a good day out !!!


Well done Andy and thanks for sharing the adventure.