Jack Sheep

On the drive around the property to check things we went out to paddock 9million to see some lambs that had arrived in the last two weeks.

When we stopped they circled the car in hope of a feed. The pasture is plentiful but old habits die hard … especially for sheep in a paddock near Warren, NSW. Here’s the sketch and do what its says … if you like. Baaaah!

Black and white sketch of sheep herd
Watch the video


You dont have to watch the video HERE

Road trip NSW ‘outback’. Warren, Armatree

Well I know that absence makes the pencil stay longer.

No not really.

Just home yesterday from a near three week road trip covering four thousand kms around NSW, Australia.

Old pubs, photography, engagement party ( Congrats Ben and Phoebe), aerials and more. I started a visual journal and it is yet to be finished.

I was inspired with Jack Brennan’s mammoth effort of a 100 hour week that he puts in on his property NW of Warren. Cotton, crops and cattle.

sketches from a journal
Road diary sketches

Jack is in a family partnership on the property and his grandfather started the whole show. On a farm tour with Jack to check a few things I was inspired by a few essential things such as the water pump for the whole property (10,000 acres). Jack found an old diesel motor second hand and converted a derelict wind mill to diesel. The top sketch in the above journal extract shows how I see the set up. Jack’s Dad designed the water tank stand. The bore has been down (1000ft) for years. The windmill doesnt have a head (blades) anymore … it just stands proudly alongside the tank stand. Both engineering icons. One of those oil heater tanks provides the fuel supply for the diesel motor which drives the pump to pump the water to the tank up the top of the other stand. Gravity feeds the stock on entire property from this tank. Its bloody flat out there!

The bottom sketch is of the Armatree silos. Armatree NSW is not too far from Warren. Beautiful weather.


Daily Gunga by Tim Mooney

A sketch of the counter at a coffee shop: Little Gunga
Little Gunga. Coffee.Art.Space. Milton NSW

Always amazed at the size and variety of Coffee Espresso machines this one took my eye. And my pen. In ‘Little Gunga’ in Milton, NSW, this monster machine driven by Blake and Mel delivers one of the best coffees available. Good chatter all round after a ‘Little Gunga’ experience. I recommend the Muesli. And the cookies …