Ink Shack by Tim Mooney

This is 65 Princess St, Berry … sort of

Pen and Ink wash of an old weatherboard house in Berry NSW
Ink Shack © Tim Mooney

I am very familiar with this place because I park out the front and get a coffee and ‘bad thing’ from the Bakery next door (see previous sketch of Berry Sourdough Bakery). There’s a story behind this place. I just made it up.

Once upon a time there was a little old lady that used to walk her little old dog (Corgi,Rex) past here every day. Rex saw a cat and took off chasing it all over the town. When the little old lady finally cornered Rex he had the cat bailed up in its(the cat’s) familiar back corner of the Bakery. The little old lady stooped to pick up Rex and her money fell out of her top pocket into the cat’s bowl of stale old sour milk.

Years late when the Bakery was restored the new owners heard the story so they called it Berry Sourdough Bakery.

That’s sick.