Too wet, Too bleak … so photo

pen and wash in Sepia of lane way
Somewhere in Italy

Having always wanted to make a sketch from this pic I took some years back, today was the ideal opportunity because I dont know how to draw rain thats going sideways. There are a million lane ways like this throughout Italy. If you take the photo it will bring back memories. If you then do a sketch you can almost smell the air. Almost. Sepia wash on Moleskin.

Greggie’s Wood Stack by Tim Mooney

stack of fire wood
The firewood forest

This is the start of a sketch a day for June. And what more fitting start for the first day of winter than a forest stack of firewood. Greggie’s stack and it actually in his back yard.
Various woods and at different stages of decay make for a great spot to relax and sketch … until the mozzies move in. During the finishing stages every mozzie in Mollymook was on my person. We are all part of the food chain.

One Hole in the Bucket by Tim Mooney

mono tone pen wash of a bucket
Bucket © Tim Mooney

Where you pour the water out.

This is the fire bucket we use at our place. Located in dense bush you never know what could happen next in summer. Actually its at a dairy. No its not its just there … in my head. A little exercise in getting watercolour washes even … or not. The handle is an old piece of wire and that is just a justification for drawing it too thin. Theres always a hole in the bucket dear Liza.

White Window by Tim Mooney

Pen and wash sketch of Window in brick wall
White window © Tim Mooney

The net is a great source of knowledge and I find the art world is full of kind people wishing to spread info and skills. In this case I did a few tutorials of american artist David Rankin. This exercise is about using three values of one colour (hue) … in this case sepia. It was very relaxing to sit in the sun for half an hour and drift away doing this sketch … again …  the side wall of ‘The Mook’ in Mollymook.